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A dietician is a professional who has spent years in college studying nutrition and how it affects the human body. They are fully authorized to give advice on diet. So, they help you with your lifestyle, diet and food.

They assist you in getting to the root cause of your health problem, by identifying deficiencies and aiding you get healthier if there are diseases or not.

There are several reasons why you should keep in touch with a dietician and this piece promises to inform you more:

  • You are curious: Humans are innately curious, and at some point of your life, it must have crossed your mind to think of meals would make your health better. It would help if you speak with a dietician.
  • Digestive problems: If you are used to having digestive problems every time, then you need to speak with your dietician. There are various digestive issues ranging from heartburns to constipation, stomach ache, diarrhea and the likes. Speaking with a dietician would help to detect if you are taking in the wrong meals.
  • Always hungry or no appetite: If you belong to either of the two categories, you really need to see a dietician. If you are always hungry for a particular meal, it could be that you are addicted. It is normal to be hungry, but not unnecessarily. And if you are not eating enough because of lack of appetite, then that is a red flag you need to deal with.
  • Fatigue after sleeping for a long time: If you always experience fatigue after 8 hours or more, then you need to see a dietician. It is normal to feel tired before going to bed, but it is not normal to feel tired every time you wake up.
  • Hormonal issues: If you are experiencing issues related to your hormones, sex drive, menstruation, infertility, libido problems and others, then you need to visit your dietician for a good diet plan.


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We need food to survive and maintain a good health. Unfortunately, not all of us have the means to good food, and this means that some of us eat what affects us adversely. It is one of the reasons why some people get addicted to food.

Usually, the food people get addicted to, are those with high sugar and saturated fats content. When these foods are taken, they have a high tendency to cause addiction.

These foods induce some chemical reactions in the brain that makes an individual unusually satisfied. And this is similar to what a substance addicted individual would feel.

This is the major reason why food addicts would always remain hooked. They do not want to let go of these feelings, so even though they are not hungry, they would still want to eat.

As they progress in their addictive state, there is an increased need for satisfaction and pleasure.

Food addiction causes malnutrition because what you are taking in does not contain the appropriate quantity of nutrients. Malnutrition paves way for health problems because the body is not supplied with the right quantity of nutrients.

In addition to this, people who are addicted to food would most likely be obese, because these foods contain much saturated fats and sugar.

Other diseases that are likely to occur are: Diabetes, Heart disease, Stroke, Headaches, Osteoporosis, Anxiety, Panic attacks, Depression, Sadness, Suicidal thoughts and tendencies.

If not carefully watched, food addiction can destroy the life of a person, producing damaging and chronic symptoms. Having a good idea on how bad food addiction is, can negatively affect your life in unpleasant ways that you can never be happy with.

By all means possible, try to seek help from appropriate quarters, so that you can regain full control of your life. You need to be equipped with the resources needed to handle food addiction and this is what a rehab gives you, to get your life back on track.